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book cover: the caregiving zonebullet  Advanced praise for “The Caregiving Zone” ... the new book from Peggy Flynn


Peggy Flynn has more experience providing care and support to people on the verge of death than anybody I know. Her ability to guide those in her care to a passing suffused with peace and dignity is a God-given talent, one that comes from her head, her heart, and most importantly, from her spirit. I urge anyone who is thinking about reading this book not to put it down, for you do so at the risk of missing a unique opportunity to learn a plethora of intimate details about caregiving from a true veteran and practitioner of the art.

Jon D. Kaiser, MD,
Physician and Author of “Healing HIV”


The Caregiving Zone offers a direct, practical and open path to the contact sport of caring—both giving and receiving—for readers willing to have honest, rousing and ultimately life affirming conversations about being alive and dying.

Jonathan Berkeley, PhD


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